Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Bitter Rivals tasks for 3/04

NOTE: Full list is available here!

Here are today's tasks for the Bitter Rivals live event:

Looks like two are added to the list a day. I like the fact the tasks is not spelled out fully, lets me think about what I have to do for them.



My guess about the 50 leagues task would be to take a dive off the top of the tower all the way to your death :)

The task one, well, I am sure you have to find someone who will give you a quest?

I believe each leader is in the capital city king room or in a side room just off it. T'charzanek is in the north castle and Grumlok n' Gazbag and Malekith are just off to the side of him in a chamber.

The 50 leagues task says "soar," which implies flying not falling. So my money is on flying from the starting island to the tower several times. If true, then there will be lots of naked toons "soaring" into combat so they can rinse and repeat quickly.

50 leagues is just hopping from the portal to the top of the scenario.

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