Friday, March 27, 2009

Daily Quests or just chores?

For this weeks WCPI, I stumbled across Girl IRL. She makes a case for Daily Quests. These are commonly known to most any WoW player. You can do 25 of them a day. They are usually quick quests that give decent rewards. As it turns out, they were quite popular among WoW players as they were a nice source of gold and reputation.

I never really liked Daily Quests. When I do play WoW, I always try to like them. After a week of doing dailies though, I just can't stand it anymore. They are just too repetitive. they feel more like chores to me than fun.

One recommendation she makes is to have them be of the RvR variety. While this will help, I think the last thing we need is more RvR quests. We have way too many as it is. Instead, there should be a player Kill Collector that will always reward you. Although, I wouldn't mind them so much is we got rid of the glut of RvR quests.

One idea I do like is for it to be a way to introduce crafting items as rewards. Why are there no seeds from RvR?

So what do you think, dailies in RvR?


I do tend to agree that we already have way to many RvR quests. Kill 25 xxx, defend against xxx, scout xxx, etc. Sure they are easy, but oh so repetitive.

I like the idea of having a bounty system in WAR. Kill 1 of the top 10 in weekly / all time renown rank, and turn in his head for inf, gold, or renown.

Some may argue that there are seeds from RvR that drop from objective heroes. I for one do not see it that way however. Objectives and Keeps are just another form of PvE as far as I'm concerned. Currently they do not promote good RvR. Crafting items should drop from enemy players as well. Not to mention more gold. Why am I getting 62 copper when I kill someone?

An enemy player kill collector is a great idea, but he or she would have to give some other reward to R40 players who have no use for XP any longer.

Anyway, thanks for the shout-out!

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