Thursday, March 19, 2009

Quest improvement and fine art

Yesterday I was writing about improving quests for the upcoming Star trek Online. Today I found a nice article at Blame the Healer about some small improvements that could be made to quests in WAR. Check it out here.

I think they are all fine ideas. The pictures would add some more flavor and could possibly be used to give clues or just clear up confusion. On Mythic's end, it would probably take a bit more work to keep everything up to date.

The 2nd idea, non-linear quests, seems like it should have been used long ago. Many single player games use branching quests, but for some reason MMO's do not. It may have to do with itemization. Quests are often used to get a player to an appropriate gear level, when you add choices a character may end up gimping themselves unintentionally. However there are many quests which just give money rewards, so I'm sure there is room for this.

The third idea is crafting quests. This sounds like a good idea if it is given out in an appropriate way. Giving players quests they cannot do is not very common in the MMO world. That's what may happen, unless it checks the player for their crafting specializations and levels. They could always allow the player to make the potion or give them a way to go get it.

The stick figure comics are also excellent. I really wish I had some shred of artistic talent. So drop by Blame the Healer for a visit.


I remember in DaoC there used to be crafting quests. They weren't all that exciting but it was quite cool to be given quests based on your profession.

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