Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Warhammer: Age of the Scorpion?

It's early and the post title was the best I could come up with. Mythic has started to dole out some hints regarding the Land of the Dead (here and here). Not surprisingly, they have an Egyptian-esque theme going on, which is awesome. Reminds me of Stargate. The images came on a Warhammer themed USB drive... which may be be cooler than the image.

One image shows a worm/snake looking thing attacking a poor soldier... sorta reminds me of Dune and Beetlejuice. Can't really go wrong there. You have to love this kind of marketing... very clever.

Also on tap for this week (or next) is the State of the Game for Patch 1.3. It has been said that this will be primarily about RvR, so I am very excited to hear what they have in store. I hope to hear about a token system and improvements to the city siege. A full keep redesign (so sieges are more dynamic) would probably be expecting a bit too much due to the time constraints. Also, any tidbits about the Land of the Dead would be welcome.

What would you like to hear in 1.3?

NOTE: Seems it is probably not a worm, but the tail of a Tomb Scorpion... more here.


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