Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Why Chronicles of Spellborn?

The Chronicles of Spellborn recently went into open beta. Normally, I would want to try it out but with this game I just cannot gather any interest. Am I missing something? From their webpage, the game does not look like anything special.

The primary feature seems to be a 'progressive' combat system that uses a reticule (ala Oblivion). More about that combat system can be read here. That is nice and all, but what is the overall gameplay about? It seems like you kill, quest and do instances. There is crafting, but it looks like nothing new. They separated powers/item stats from the items, so you can look how you want. That is nice, but doesn't make a game for me.

These days I need something more from a new game. WAR gave us RvR, Star trek Online will give us Star Trek, Exploration , ship crews and more, Champions Online will give us unparalleled customization and a nemesis system.

Spellborn just seems to be a slight modification on the traditional MMO. If I wanted to play a WoW type game, I'd go play WoW. Oh, and Spellborn is RMT which isn't helping its case.

I like to try out new MMO's, but can't think of a reason to try Spellborn. Am I missing something?


Well, you should give it a try because the guys who developed it are a really great bunch. It's also a game that has had a hard-fought road on it's way to release, so the fact that it's made it is one of those MMO miracles. While it may not have had the budget that AAA titles have, it wasn't made on the cheap. (The Netherlands is not a low cost of living area by a long stretch, and some seriously talented people have been involved.)

Spellborn offers subscriptions in the EU, as well as an f2p client. It's a Freemium game . . . you can sub or not as you choose. Those who do not choose to sub will be locked out of some parts of the game. In essence, it's a full fledged MMO that allows people to get in and see if they like it before they go ahead and sub. Think of it as game with an extended trial. A Dofus-type for instance.

I can certainly appreciate that they are a quality team. However, I guess I am at a point in my gaming life, where I need new types of MMO's. The EQ/WoW formula just isn't very attractive to me anymore, even with minor variations.

To each their own I suppose. I also have no plans on checking it out. I'm an RvR fan at heart, and with that said you are correct, Spellborn doesnt seem like anything new. Especially new enough to pull me away from WAR right now.

I wasnt all that taken in by it. Meh. You are right there is no reason to reinvent the wheel when other games are already like it. The fantasy genre overall is stale and Im sick of it personally

There was little drawing me into playing more when I tried this game. The storyline (or lack thereof) left alot to be desired. The movement and combat mechanics felt quirky. I became very bored with it, very quickly. There just didn't seem to be enough that was very interesting to me for some reason :(

I find it interesting that people want different and don't see it when it's staring at them. *shrug*

It's not an EQ/WoW clone . . . it wasn't developed at all with that it mind. If it's close to anything it's close to Magic the Gathering. :)

Anyway, I think that anyone who thinks it's not different is blind or has not actually played for any length of time.

If you have you can say you didn't like it, but you can't really say that it was just like everything else, because it really isn't. :)

I do agree that the controls feel odd. That's because they're modeled for non-traditional MMO gameplay. They have to be fiddly because you need the responsiveness.

When I say it is like EQ/WoW, I mean the overall game is. You quest/kill things to get XP and then raid (instances). From what I see on the web page, that seems like what Spellborn offers.

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