Tuesday, March 10, 2009

2 > 6

With Patch 1.2, the first stage of a city siege had its time changes from 6 hours to 2. Over the weekend, I got to experience my first city siege at this reduced time. The result is it is a much better fit. I was actually able to stay the whole time.

The six hour system was just too long. I'm sure some people managed to park themselves there for the entire time, but I sure couldn't. A side effect of that was that I really lost interest in the goal of the fight, to defend Altdorf. The Victory Point numbers became meaningless, as so much of the fight would go on while I was gone.

In the new system, I do actually care. Two hours is about the upper limit of my playtime (at one sitting), so it ends up working out. The city defense actually felt like an urgent matter this time around.

The city siege still needs work though. As Mythic has admitted, the PQ bosses are a bit out of line. It sure felt like it when I got hit for 30,000 damage on my warded Engineer. Hopefully we will see a fix for this soon.

We also had the problem of the enemy leaving our instance (1165 in this case). The Echelon warband was here the whole time and say Destro come and go. We had many good fights and were able to defend our PQ (with the help of the OP lord). There were times when the instance was empty though.

State of the Realm reported Destruction had 87% of the Victory points. Was this for just our instance or all of the instances combined? It would be nice if there was some built in feedback for how things were going. I can't imagine it was that high, unless Destro was able to beat the uber-Lord in other instances.... because they were not doing it in ours.

I only walked away from this city siege with some Renown. It would really be nice to be working towards my Invader gear rather than be at the mercy of the RNG. Overall though, it was a fun time.


Just thought I'd drop in and say 'Hi'. So, Hi :)

I was at Reikwald on Saturday during the siege and threw a few heals your way. Didn't bother to say hi then figuring it would be swallowed up in the combat spam. Anyway, I have to agree that the two hours is much more reasonable. Also, I wasn't in the same instance as you but Order was winning the first stage in ours each of the 3 times I ran it but with the Uber Lord we weren't able to take him down. We did drop his companion heros though. After that frustration, I switched to the scenario though.

Anyway, good to see someone representing Badlands in the blog world :)

Volf of X-Patriots, Badlands server

Thanks for the heals! Sadly I missed the trip to IC.

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