Wednesday, March 4, 2009

X marks the spot

One interesting part of the Bitter Rivals event is the treasure map pieces you can loot. The map comes in 3 pieces: Sand-stained Map Piece, Glyph-covered Map Piece and Bloodstained Map Piece. It seems that the Glyph piece drops ALOT from the NPC Choppas (and probably Slayers) running around in the lakes. The other two pieces seemed to drop from players. Once you have all 3, just right click on one of them and it will form the full map: Lost Map of the Southern Sands.

SPOILER Warning, turn back now if you don't want to know what happens next.

By clicking on the finished map, it starts a quest.

The reward is about 1.5 gold for ever step of the quest line.

So it looks like each race has their own version of this quest. Unless they are just referring to the travel copter and not the mount.

So I went and found an innocent looking elf but when clicked on, turns into a normal 40 dark elf.

After he was dispatched and I retrieved the plans, it was sent back to the Flight Master. I forgot to take the last quest result dialog... but it really was not impressive. I bring back gyrocopter schematics and get a new version of the map. When clicked on I get my rewards:

That's the end. I at least thought I would have to go somewhere to dig up a treasure or would have received a new gyrocopter due to the schematic. In all honesty it was rather disappointing. It feels like they just ran out of time when making the quest. It could be when Land of the Dead opens, the map becomes useful or maybe I just missed something in the final quest dialog? Probably just wishful thinking.

This is just one tiny part of 1.2, which from my time last night is looking pretty nice. More to come on 1.2.


The map you get at the end is a pocket item. Although it didn't trigger any emote or effect, I have a sneaking suspicion it will come into play once the Land of the Dead opens.

Dissapointing now, yes, but I think you'll be happy (as will I) that we got this map later on!

Also on a helpful note: The Bloodstained map piece seemed to drop for me from PQ bosses.

The one thing that got me thinking:
I wonder if we hold on to the map pieces, will our Slayer during the Head Start get to complete this quest? It'd be cool to have that title for my new Slayer!

Cool guid thanks mate :-) I'll be able to do this really quickly when I finally get online.

Does anybody know how to finde piece 1 of 3 (Sand-stained Map Piece)?

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