Thursday, September 30, 2010

WAR is Calling

BioWare Mythic is currently running a special promotion (ends October 11th) called Return of the Legends.  What this means to you is there is free game time for former players to be had in WAR, DAoC and UO.  So, why should you care?  I'll give you some reasons.

1)  It is FREE.  No need to use a credit card, just activate and play for 2 weeks. 

2)  Get stuff.  If you log in, you'll get three items.  One of them is +15% XP, Renown, and Influence buff.  No need to re-subscribe to get the items.

3)  Want a challenge?  Are you tired of slaughtering helpless animals and npc's?  Take a break and square off against real players. 

4)  Don't have the software?  No problem, you can download it.  

5)  It is FREE.  What do you have to lose? 

Don't forget to check out the accompanying video.