Monday, September 20, 2010

Upload your Sceenshots

The Arsenal of WAR now allows for the uploading of sceenshots for nearly every item in the DB.  With the new appearance system, finding the right look can be a challenge.  Hopefully this will make it a little bit easier.  Read on for the details and other Arsenal news.

To upload a screenshot, just go to an item page and use the Upload Image form near the bottom.  Please try to keep it under 1 meg in size.  Once uploaded it goes in the queue for review.  If the image is approved, you'll see it on the item page just above the form.  Here is an example.

Items which have an image will also stand out on the listing page.

Also new this week:
  • Search by Name queries which fail to find results will now search through some WAR community sites too.  
  • The amount of community links returned has been upped from 4 to 6.
  • The DB is up to 9,744 items.