Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Class Headquarters

I have added a new feature to the Arsenal of WAR called the Class Headquarters.  Basically, instead of going directly to the weapon listing for a class, you will be taken to the Class HQ page first.  From there you can get to the item links and more.  What more you ask?

The Class HQ is provides different information for each Warhammer Online career.  So the Sorcerer HQ will have different content than the Warrior Priest HQ.  There are three categories:

Videos.  A list of recent youtube videos which involve the career.

Forums.  A topic list gathered from the Warhammer Alliance and the official Bioware forums.  Since the BioWare forums only have class archetypes, it will show some unrelated entries.  

Blogs.  Recent blog posts which talk about your career.  The results only come from known WAR sites, so it should all be relevant.

To see it in action, just head over to http://www.arsenalofwar.com and choose a class at the bottom.  It is still a work in progress, so I will be making tweaks.  I am also looking into ways of improving the look of the Class HQ pages.

Hopefully you find it useful, any feedback is welcome!