Wednesday, September 1, 2010

A Patch and a Letter

Yesterday during the weekly maintenance a new Patch was introduced.  This just wasn't just a run of the mill bugfix as it had an important change for Zealots and Rune Priests.  The Producer's Letter for August was also posted.  Continue on for more details.

First, the patch. Several bugs were fixed, including:

  • The loss of textures has been fixed. 
  • Siege weapons should once again hit for more than 10 damage.
  • Health bars should now be a bit more reliable.
  • Keep doors should now always be targetable
As for the Zealot/RP, their toggle cooldown has been reduced to 20 seconds, down from 30. They will also convert stats at a 1:1 ratio instead of 2:1.  This will be a nice buff for healing and damage dealing.  The issue of CC while healing will still remain.

August has passed us by which means we have a new Producer's Letter!  If you are like me and enjoy stalk... I mean following... the developers, there is not much new information to be found.  It does provide a nice recap of the last months news for a wider audience though.

One piece of news from the letter for my EU readers:  Mythic will be at Games Day UK on September 26th 2010.