Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Mo' Medallions

I had a different post planned for today but Civ 5 happened.  I was just going to try it out for a few minutes and then get to work on today's WAR related post.  A few minutes in Civ time is actually a few hours.  As a result, today is a news post.

Mythic released a hot fix during Tuesday's downtime.  Usually they just fix some bugs in these small patches, but every so often there is a big change.

Increased the quantity of Officer Medallions awarded throughout the game.

Specifically, locking a zone will now net you 20 Officer Medallions (up from 5) and Officer Medlallion drops now come in stacks of 5 instead of 1.

There are 2 reasons why this is a big deal:

Alts and new players.  Many of us leveled our mains during a time when a Crest could be broken down into 5 of the lower tier.  This also went for medallions.  A Warlord Crest would equal 5 Invader Crests, 25 Conqueror Crests and 125 Officer Medallions.  That system was just not sustainable, so in 13.5 they changed the breakdown ratio to 1:1.

Not a big deal to old characters who may have thousands of Officer Medallions, but it is an obstacle for alts and new characters.  With the increased quantity, it will be quite a bit easier to get early sets like Annihilator and Conqueror.

Options.  There is some neat stuff you can buy with Officer Medallions, like potions and special talismans.  Many players (including myself) just can't afford to spend the medallions since we need them for our armor sets.  Now that they will be easier to obtain, I can see myself spending some instead of hoarding them.

A screenshot from the bonus renown weekend: