Monday, September 13, 2010

Arsenal of WAR goes live

When playing Warhammer Online, it is important to know what tools you have at your disposal.  The Arsenal of WAR is a new item database to help you find the right piece of armor or weapon for your character.  There are other item db's out there, but I wanted the Arsenal to be easy and up to date.  Read on for the details.


  • Over 8,200 items in the database
  • A simple and quick interface
  • Easy commenting, no need to register
  • Search by name or by stat
  • Links generated for each item from the WAR community
  • Updated regularly, includes scenario weapons and the new sovereign armor sets
The Arsenal can be found at

Some of the PvE sets are still a bit sparse due to the popularity and availability of the RvR sets.  They will improve over time, as I plan to add new items to the database often.  Any questions or comments are welcome!