Thursday, September 2, 2010

More RvR Pack Q&A

As mentioned a few days ago, Andy started up a Q&A thread for the upcoming RvR Pack.  The thread is still going on and Andy is still answering questions.  I am going to take the easy way out on this post, so prepare for copy and pasting!

Will future sets follow the 8 piece format or continue to take more slots. 

Most likely no, although that is not yet finalized

Will new potions and tails be introduced

We're not yet prepared to discuss potential crafting changes

Will this introduce 2 new tiers of Sc weapons if so will be able to convert existing stockpiles of royal insignias into the new tiers.

New items to be earned through RvR will be introduced. We do not currently have, nor do we plan to introduce, a system to upconvert Tier 4 currency.

With the sub rr 80s getting an easier time to reach 80 is their going to be something to reward preexisting 80s on release even if its just a couple of days of bonus renown for them.

We regularly have bonus Renown/Experience weekend with the launch of a new version.

Will the culmination of the end game still be the capital even for RR 100 players or will their be another end game goal other than the siege.

Cities are currently set to remain the culmination of the Tier 4 campaign.

Why do you guys want to slow the campaign down? (I can understand slowing the gear progression down)

City Sieges happen too quickly, ORvR progresses too fast. We wish to slow this down to provide a more engaging and immersive ORvR experience.

With these rvr packs, will we be able to make some kind of income if we only do rvr? As it is now leveling through T1 - T4 rvr only, I can barely make enough money to keep going to all of the different zones. In fact, I often have to get a loan from my high RR guy.

This is going to be a vague answer:

There are things slated to be introduced in the RvR pack which are designed to have a secondary effect of improving the in game economy and giving those who like to play the market something to do. 

Will the armor redesign you guys were talking about some time ago make its appearance in this pack or did you abandon this project for the time beeing?

At this time there are no plans to change the art files of the existing armor sets.

There was I question about housing, I understand that housing is probably not really fitting for War but might there be something else planned for guilds, like the guild hall in Sigmars Hammer (which is not accessible to all guild members). Something like a great hall for general guild use (role playing wise)?

Most likely no, at least not in the RvR Pack.

Can we expect at RvR packs to see dps of the weapons for magic DD and healers to be added to spells and heals (is that idea totaly left out or it can be done at some time?)

This specific change is not planned to be introduced at this time.

Coinciding with the renown ability system changes - will we be seeing any form of "dual specialization" for either renown or career abilities? Maybe a onetime fee of 1000 gold for the option to have a second specialization that can be changed when not in combat? This would be extremely handy for people who are constantly re-speccing for pve etc.

Good idea, however not planned at this time AFAIK.

Do you plan to add server overlapping scenarios? With some balance considerations? (3-5 Healers/Tanks/DDs per Side (in case of random groups), both side got around the same RR and so on)

We are very interested in a cross server Scenario queue, however that feature isn't planned for the RvR Pack. We will be investigating other matchmaking possibilities, however nothing we can comment on at this time.

Do you have any plans about a arena or duelling system?

Not at this time

I assume there will be a PVE Pack after the PVP Pack. Do we have to wait around another year till we get new PVE content(hopefulle not with 5 Bugs a boss!!!)?

I wouldn't assume that. We're not interested in adding anything to the game that doesn't have a strong RvR focus.

You mentioned earlier renown ranking from 81-100 wont be easy, are you basing this on a hardcore style of play or the casual gamer? for example if you look at dark age of camelot only 5 or so players have ever reached realm rank 13, i would like to think 90-100 would follow a similar pattern such as rank 12-13 in dark age of camelot.

The intent is to make this an achievement, something significant, however not something unattainable. 

Will our shiny supreme wards ever be put to use?

At this time we have no plans to utilize Supreme Wards.

Are you planing with the new rvr packs to add new mounts maybe flying?

We like mounts...

On page 2 or 3 you talk about intentionally slowing down the campaign. What do you mean by campaign? Player progression through the ranks/gear? The number of times a city siege happens each day? How long it takes to lock a zone?

Not necessarily, Yes, Yes.

are there going to be any new pets added in?

Define pets? Like Career Specific (WL, Eng, MAgus, SH?)? No.

Other than that...

We like pets...

With the removal or change(a little confused as the producers letter say "as you know it" and a podcast I believe that Carrie said they were removing it) of the VP system, will you be implementing cross server scenarios?

No to cross server Scenarios.

The term "Victory Points" is something that is IP specific to Warhammer Fantasy. That is why we stated "as you know it" as the term itself will probably be repurposed to mean something completely different than what it represents now.