Friday, September 24, 2010

News from the Front: Happy Anniversary

This week marked the second anniversary of Warhammer Online.  In celebration, Mythic held a double XP/Renown weekend (last weekend), which resulted in a ton of action.  They also unveiled some special items for two year vets.  Two years already, time flies.


New WAR Site
  • Mmmmm Gud wrote up a new guide for Black Orcs.  This one discusses using their new skill, Changing Da Plan.  I want to roll a BO someday, just for the skill names.
  • Grimnir has some ideas for Engineers and Maguses (or is it Magi, or a flock of Magus).  A knockback instead of a pull does sound interesting.  I don't think the situation is quite as dire though as I have fun with the magnet even when solo.
  • Do you like being snared?  If so, do go find Blog the Witch in game.  Constant snares does sound pretty brutal.
  • Mr. Meh wouldn't mind seeing some PvE put back into the city instances.  He does have a point, players will leave when being beaten so PvE is unavoidable, why not make it fun?
  • Interesting in improving your systems performance?  Check our Skar's latest post.
  • Erbse returns to blogging! Covers quite a bit of WAR news since he had to catch up.  What does this mean?

    Behold, a party of multiboxed Engineers: