Friday, September 10, 2010

News from the Front: I like to move it

Not a lot going on this week compared to the last few.  The biggest news was the good possibility of some kind of mobile siege weaponry in ORvR.  Who wouldn't like to strategically position a big cannon?  The Wild Hunt live event will be wrapping up soon, so get to work!


New WAR Blog
Arsenal of WAR
  • The WAR Bureau turned 1, congrats!  Making it a year is not an easy accomplishment.
  • Mmmmm Gud decides to try and mimic famous Warhammer Orcs with the new appearance system.  Very nice idea, shows some of the potential with the new game feature.
  • The backseatdev has some ideas on how to reduce spawn camping.  This is a tough one, but should be looked into.  Altough, on my Engineer I actually enjoy being spawn camped.  It is a 'how much damage can I do' mini-game.  It would suck as melee though. 
  • Bootae is conflicted about being a WAR Blogger.  I know how he feels.  There is a lot of potential for the RvR Pack, but at the same time it is hard to speculate about it too.  Part of the fun of blogging is rampant speculation :)
  • Blog the Witch writes about an epic outnumbered fight.  It shows what teamwork and defensive armor can do.  That poor Engy...
  • The Price of Wargh gives a recap of WAR blogs this week.  Thanks for the inclusion.  We cover some of the same ground as I saw this right about now.  Stop by and check out the ones I missed.