Monday, September 27, 2010

Skaven Revealed

Yesterday, GamesDay UK was held and Mythic was there.  They were not there just to party either.  Tons of new information about the upcoming RvR Pack was given. The new ORvR system was also discussed (Aerial bombers!). For a complete rundown, head over to WAR Aura.  I was hoping to hear more about Skaven and I was not disappointed.

There has been a lot of speculation about how Skaven will be involved with WAR.  Now we know, players from both sides will be able to become one.  Lord of the Rings Online has something similar, but it isn't Monster Play.  They call it Session Play.  You can take control of Ranger's, Ogre's and Chickens, yes chickens, for a short period of time.

There will be 4 Skaven classes:

  • Rat Ogre.  Can damage doors, toss players up on the wall, special attack (AoE knockdown/back).  Can only be healed by the next class.
  • Packmaster. Heals Rat Ogres, summons rat pets, buffs.
  • Warlock Engineer.  AoE effects for heals and other buffs. FLAMETHROWER.
  • Gutter Runner. Permanent stealth, very fast but weak. Climb walls and booby trap siege engines.
That's just a high level look at the classes, but it sounds good to me so far.  They also mentioned that any renown earned while playing as a Skaven will go to your character. All four sound like fun to play.

What I have heard so far has me really excited.  The new RvR experience sounds like a lot of fun, especially compared to the current locking system.  Mobile siege weapons, Aerial Bombers, new Renown abilities and Skaven should make it very interesting.

I still have some questions...
  • How do you obtain Skaven?
  • Will Skaven have any sort of progression and customization?
  • What's the new zone all about?