Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Mobile Siege Weapons

With the RvR Q&A thread winding down, Andy dropped a rather big surprise on us.  He didn't go into details, but sometimes a 'yes' is all we need to hear.  The challenge with Q&A's is that the right question needs to be asked.  So, what am I talking about?

Are there any plans for mobile siege weaponry?


It seems like movable siege weapons will be coming to WAR.  He could mean vehicles, but I am leaning towards siege weapons which can be moved without the need of a pad.  Very exciting prospect which could shake up ORvR as we know it.

Here are the rest of the answers:

What is the target number of city sieges per week the developers are aiming for?

I don't believe there's a "magic number" that we're shooting for. The general consensus amongst the dev team and the Community right now is that the City Sieges are happening to frequently. The idea is to make the City Siege experience not necessarily commonplace and something that's special. Whether that number is once a day or only a few times a week is what remains to be seen.

Do you feel there will be greater limitation on accessibility of city sieges (endgame content) for casual players vs hardcore players, which may inadvertently tailor the game to people who can be online greater amounts of time? If no, can you please explain why?

There will always be somewhat of a divide between Hardcore and Casual players. Sure someone whom is more casual is able to go into a city and get Sov armor, but when exactly will they be able to wear it? As things stand right now, WAR can be viewed as a backwards achievement in gear progression. The high end gear isn't uber difficult to come by, however the capability to use it requires a significant investment of time. 

Of course we're going to continue to work to keep WAR accessible as possible to everyone, regardless of playstyle,  however there are some things which are simply a matter of time invested. 

Will the new changes leave you guys any hypothetical wiggle room to continue doing things like this every 6-8 months, like adding Vampire Count & Lizardman Theme Packs with their own spin-off RvR zones and playable characters, or is that just crazy talk?

Without confirming a timeline or future content, yes, the idea is to set ourselves up to deliver on RvR packs more frequently than one would see traditional expansions.

Do you want to slow down the acquisition of ORvR gear, or just the ORvR Campaign?


Any elaboration on comments that you might be able to purchase certain gear in-game?

Through an item shop? Not under discussion at this time. Changing things so that some armor is purchaseable by gold? Possibly.
I think dispersing the zerg was mentioned as a goal. Can we expect gameplay to shift more toward small groups roaming around looking for a fight.

Changes being made to ORvR have a focus on encouraging the zerg to spread out.

Any plans to change corpses to visually tell who can be rezzed ? Hoveering over is challenging and not practical in crowded places. Similar to bodies become tombstones etc in daoc.

Not at this time, although I'll certainly pass that along.
Are respecing costs going to be looked at as the general consensus is they are too high and make experimenting with builds and/or switching between PvE and PvP more difficult than most people would like.

No. We're not interested in removing economy sinks.

Any chance of ever making RvR tome tactics?

Not in the scope of this RvR pack

Since skaven are being introduced will warpstone be introduced and if so will it have tangible effects like it does in lore

Where there are Skaven, there is usually Warpstone...and vice versa.

Will there be any option offered in the rvr pack to transfer/consolidate characters on different accounts? An example of having 2 separate accounts of order characters being transferred to a single account.

At this time, no.

Since I imagine an open RvR in development thread is going to go up soon enough, i'll hold off on asking about the specifics. However, is there going to be any effort to focus on one pairing at a time so people can't run away from a fight to an empty zone?

This is a very sticky wicket here...there is a fine line between encouraging action into one zone and putting things so entirely on rails that there is no opportunity for dynamic gameplay. Mike Wyatt is much more qualified to answer this question than I am, however I can say it is a consideration.

Secondly, is it at all possible (either in 1.4 or beyond) for a sort of "reverse bolster" to be implemented in lower tiers? ...

At this time we don't plan on revisiting the debolstering mechanic.

Gold spammers are currently devastating the advice chat. Do you plan on forbidding the free endless trial users to type in the advice channel? Or do you have another course of action to solve that problem?

We have another course of action which will be introduced very soon, it's just undergoing it's last bit of testing.  (Werit: I think this is the right-click report spammer option which will escalate based on how many players reported it)

The Eternal Citadel was fun and good use of now obsolete content. Any chance we'll see other such environments turn up as scenarios ... Altdorf Palace, the Monolith, Undercroft, War Quarters?

There are a ton of great environments in WAR, especially in the cities, that are no longer being actively used. I'm sure that the development team could make a strong case for these environments being repurposed in the future.

Along those lines, pure PvE zones like the Isle of the Dead, West Praag, Cinderfall, and Death Peak ... will any of these ever be repurposed for RvR? There's a lot of real estate out there going to waste.

That's a great suggestion and one that we've discussed. Nothing that we can currently discuss however.
How much misdirection can we expect ... meaning, there's a lot of info out there about the packs ... are there any left field surprises that will take the playerbase by surprise?

I think there's more than a few things that will take the Community by surprise coming out of the RvR Packs (in a good way).
Since Patch 1.4 sounds like it will be pretty big ... will it be accompanied by a Live Event?

That is not yet determined.
Is there a chance to see a 'Rested RP Bonus' like the there is for EPs? Maybe in 'Progression'?

This is a suggestion we've brought to the development team before...however there are no current plans to implement such a system.