Monday, September 6, 2010

Dressed to Kill Judging

It is time to pick the winners of the Dressed to Kill contest.  There were a large number of entries, so I am going to pick 5 of them and have you vote for the winner.  There were so many good entries, it is tough narrowing them down.  On to the voting!

Entry #1

Sentinel gear + Sovereign helmet, with a chaos black primary dye, and a Blood red secondary. The cloak is the LotD Shroud of Nehekaran Assassins, and the weapon is the scenario royal offensive 2h.

Entry #2

dressed in full sov armour dyed white and purple. The mask is from the Deamon moon rising live event last fall and the cloak is from a tome unlock and called Plumes of the eye killer. The sword is the new rr34 sc 2 hander.

Entry #3:

Armor: Invader Eadplate with Conqueror Eadplate graphic.
           Invader Shouldaplate with original graphic.
           Invader Bodyplate with Badmoon Bodyplate graphic.
           Funerary Shroud cape with Battle Brew Backpack graphic.
           Darkpromise Andsplate with Andsplate of Ruin graphic.
           Darkpromise Gutstrap with Passwatch Gutstrap graphic.
           Darkpromise Feetsplate with Drengi Feetsplate graphic.

Weapon & Shield: Vomitous Choppa with original graphic.

                           The Tower of Geheb shield with Blocka of Repose graphic.

Trophies: Dwarven Destroyer, Two Pips
              Empire Eradicator, Two Pips
              The Tan Pouch
              Iron Cultivation Spade (back of the belt)
              Vile Vial

Entry #4:

went for an "Irish" theme with her gear and name . She also is using PvE gear...with quite a few LoTD pieces (the Fallen Explorers set)

Entry #5

Full sovereign covered with

Helm- aviator googles
Shoulder – bandolier of dominion
Back – hidden
Body – Staunch Haqueton of Dexterity
Belt – original sovereign
Boots – Shankboots of Vengeance

There are the 5 entries.  This was extremely difficult as there were so many good ones.  I think I will have to do this contest again soon. I will do another post for those who did not make the top 5. 

You can vote using the poll on the right.  I'll leave it open for a week.  Good luck!