Friday, October 1, 2010

News from the Front: October!

It was has been an interesting week for WAR.  Andy traveled to the UK GamesDay event and dropped some new information on Skaven.  Then it was somehow the end of the month already and we got a Producer's Letter.  Was there anything interesting in it? Yes....


Arsenal of WAR
  • I redesigned the Class HQ pages.  Not only does it look nicer (I think it does) but I have added info from the Herald, Warhammer Alliance and the Warhammer Vault.  See the Witch Hunter page for an example.
  • WAR Aura attended the GamesDay UK event and posted a rundown of what was learned.  Warlock Engineer sounds awesome, but I am have a bit of an Engineer bias.
  • RuneTwisting gives us Rune Priests a great tip for buying Talismans.  With the new Rune of Breaking,  it does give us a lot more options.
  • Gordon, from WeFlySpitfires, writes about Skaven and their lack of progression.  While I would like progression, I am cautiously optimistic that their implementation will be fun.
  • Slurms has some PQ ideas. While I don't PvE, being able to fill those influence bars would be nice.
  • Rancid writes about the updates to his WARdrobe project.  If you have not seen it yet, you really should check it out.
  • Skaven or Bust.  Krosuss wonders if the Skaven in the RvR Pack are a gateway to more in the future.  I'm guessing it it ends up being popular, anything is possible.
  • Shadow WAR has some concerns about the way Skaven are being implemented. Mostly due to the lack of progression, which I can understand.  I think most would agree that the mechanics of them in RvR sound fun.
  • Here we have a very nice Witch Hunter video in 1080p.  I think it is the mellow music is what makes this video so enjoyable.
  • RvR video from WAR Russia.  I dig the maps with front lines!  One of the pictures is not like the others...
  • Level 1 Choppa Warband video from France. 
  • Video which shows how hard a Chosen can hit for.  Can being the key word of course. RAVAGE RAVAGE RAVAGE RAVAGE
  • Tic Tac Toe for WAR.  Yea, that's right.
  • HealthAlert will show warning messages based on health.  they can be on your screen or above a targets head.
  • Want more Auction House search options (like crit)?  Check out FozAuction.