Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Skaven Skills

We know that in the upcoming RvR Pack we will be able to play as Skaven.  There will be 4 class: Rat Ogre, Packmaster, Warlock Engineer and the Gutter Runner. I did some more investigating and found some of the skills we will be able to use.

DISCLAIMER:  All of this should be treated as a rumor.  The information could be old, incomplete, just tests, something they abandoned or changed their minds on.  None of this may ever be seen on the live servers.  It is all unverified by Mythic. 

Warlock Engineer

Warp Energy Condenser constructs a Warp-Energy Condenser at a targeted location near you. Friendly players gain a buff to their Magic and Healing power.

Gutter Runner

Leap dispels any roots and snares currently active on you, as you leap away a great distance. Be mindful of obstacles blocking your leap - as running into them can interrupt what would have been a graceful landing, and cause you to needlessly take damage from the fall.

Rat Ogre

Unstable is an attack using the full force of your body weight, dealing damage against the targeted Enemy Player or Keep Door. When used against a Keep Door, the shockwave from the attack applies Unstable to any Oil above the door. When Unstable Oil is next used, some of the oil spills out, damaging any players near the Oil.


Scurry Away removes any currently active roots and snares, and increases your speed. If a Friendly Rat Ogre is close, you will leap to his location.