Friday, October 15, 2010

News from the Front: Return of the Banhammer

Well, sorta.  Mythic added right click spam reporting and escalation, so I hope spammers will get what's coming to them.  My game time has been split this week between my Badlands Engineer and my Karak Norn Black Orc.  Having a lot of fun on both characters.  What is the community up to?


  • Easy spam reporting was added this week.  I may actually turn on the Advice channel now, just to report some.
  • Another PTS Event will be held today, this time in is in Praag.  Tier 4 should be a lot of fun.  It starts at 3pm EDT.
New WAR Blogs
  • Kruelhand has an informative and hilarious public service announcement regarding Marauders. I laughed pretty hard, damn Marauders. 
  • Artiee visits the Barber on the PTS, pictures of the possible interface included.   I know a lot of people who have been requesting this feature.
  • Hadrune takes a look at EA Store page which probably should not have been up yet.  Lots of interesting information in here. 
  • Grimnir talks about the shields and two hand tanks.  It has been shelved for now, but will likely make a comeback later. 
  • Bootae writes about recent changes to the Open RvR system on the PTS.  Mythic is making alterations based on feedback quite often.
  • Zizlak argues that WAR needs a low Time To Kill.  He does bring up some fair points and zone size is certainly a factor.
  • Mmmmm Gud writes about the new Doomflayer and Warpforged armor sets for tanks from the perspective of a Black Orc.
  • PetCommands allows you to place Pet Commands on your hotbar.  Interesting tool, might have to try this one out.