Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Introducing the Item Depot

I'm happy to announce a new feature for the Arsenal of WAR, the Item Depot.  I think it is best described as a shopping cart for WAR items (Weapons, Armor, Potions and Talismans).  You just add items to the depot and it will add up all of the stats for you.  Read on for more details.

Usage. To use the depot, just click on any 'Add to Item Depot' link. You should get a popup message confirming it has been added.  You will also see the amount of items stored on the Navigation Bar.  When finished, just click the Depot Items link.

On the Item Depot page, you should see your items.  By default it just shows the item stats.  You can add the base stats for a level 40 career by using the drop down box.  If you want to share your build, use the Get Link link.

As an example, here is Tirew's build

Import.  You can also import your character's equipment from Realm WAR.  You need the character ID which can be found by visiting realm war and getting the ID from the url.  After you hit import, it may take a few seconds to finish.  If Realm WAR is not working or taking its time, this may not work.

What's Missing.  The Item Depot does not take renown stats and tactics into account.  They are planned for the future though.  I also have not added diminishing returns, so some stats might be a bit higher than they actually are on live.

Please let me know of any issues.  If you want to discuss this or any other community projects, check out the forums over at the Warhammer Alliance.