Monday, October 18, 2010

Love to Hate

Part of what makes Warhammer Online so fun to me is the rivalries that naturally develop from PvP.  In PvE games, I don't really care about what the npc's I am killing are.  Wheeee, another Gnoll dead, on to the blue ones!  In WAR, just defeating certain classes brings a smile to my face.

Magus.  I should feel some sympathy for you, but I don't.  Every time I see you in your dress surfing around on your two-bit hoverboard, my anger grows.  You dare to call yourself my mirror?  No one that goofy looking should be in the same company as a Dwarf.

Sorcerer.  Look at you, all smug sitting in the back spamming Word of Pain and laughing as big numbers fly across your screen.  Every big crit I land on you makes me feel a little better.  Oh, now you are going to charge in and spam Searing Pain?  Glad I saved this Morale for you.

Squig Herder.  I hate you.  You've got ranged snares, pets that actually move and pretty much every ability known to Dwarf.  You make me want to roll a White Lion just so I can pounce you all day long.  Grrrr, the thought of being an Elf just makes me angrier.

Witch Elf.  You are an Elf and a stealther.  That is a 2x hate modifier.  You wait there, hiding in the shadows just to jump a poor ranged class and kill them before they can get a skill off.  Not me mind you, but others.  There is nothing quite like catching a WE in the open and reminding them of where they belong.

Marauders.  I hate you and your Terrible Embrace.   Who goes around trying to embrace everyone?  Sure, TE and the inevitable knockdown following it are they only things I can think of to hate but that doesn't lessen it.  Also, put on a shirt, no one wants to see that.

Disciple of Khaine.  I hate you and there is not much I can do about it.