Thursday, October 7, 2010

Heavy Mounts

Mythic likes mounts, it's true.  In the upcoming 1.4 patch we will see the introduction of Heavy Mounts to Warhammer Online.  I'm not talking about Sparkling Ponies either.  These look like they will be available to all who can afford the in-game cost.

I have updated the Arsenal of WAR to include these new additions.  First up are the Order Mounts.  The new mounts are marked in Blue (rare)  below the Arabian Steed.  Big thanks go to for the images!

These will be the new fastest mounts, offering a 75% speed bonus.  The previous fastest mount was the Imperial Griffin/Enslaved Manticore at 70%.  The heavies also have a dismount chance of 45%. 

The new mounts are not cheap.  They cost 30 Royal Crests and decay after 30 real time days.  I won't be able to afford them for quite a while as I need to save up my royals for Sovereign gear.  Those who already have their gear will get something to new spend them on which is a plus.

Next week, I'll hopefully have the Destruction mounts added.  The Inevitable City also had a new Specialty Mount vendor.  It sold mounts which cost a Deed for a Sturdy Mount.  I'm sure you can guess what that means.  I don't think it had any advanced mounts though.