Monday, October 11, 2010

Banner Contest

I think it is time that the Arsenal of WAR had its own banner.  Since I lack even the most rudimentary artistic skills, I am going to open this up to the community through a contest.  Read on for more details about the Arsenal of WAR Banner Contest.


Besides credit for the banner on the main Arsenal site, the winner of the contest can choose between:

An unopened Warhammer Online Collector's Edition.  It includes several books, a miniature and a code which gives new items, quests and a choice of heads for your character.  Even if you already own the game, you should be able to apply the code to your account and receive the items.  NOTE: Due to shipping, this is only available to US residents.


Item codes!  You get: Rivenstaff's Deck of Eight and Bottomless Custard and the Skaven Skin Cloak. NOTE: This one is open to NA and EU players.


To enter the contest, send the banner to  That's all there is to it. The contest will end on October 25th at 8am EDT.  I will select the winning banner.


The color scheme of the Arsenal will likely stay the same.  Also, it should be Warhammer Online themed and does not need to involve the name Werit or the dwarf image.