Tuesday, October 5, 2010

WAR, The Final Frontier

Open RvR is one of Warhammer Online's best features.  What I like best about it is its unstructured nature.  Zone locking itself may be structured, but what goes on inside the lake is often not.  Yesterday, I logged in, used the WAR report to get to Praag and was immediately met with this. It was a fun fight, especially the ending shot.

Apologies to my non-US readers, youtube blocked it for many countries.  I tried to use AudioSwap but it did not work.  Next video will be back to WAR music.

I wrote about my new spec last week.  It is still doing well, and is fun to play. I am looking forward to hitting RR70, as I can add Crack Shot (3 sec disarm) which will help my close quarters fighting.  After that, I will probably switch to a Grenade/Tinkerer spec while still focusing on high crit..

By the way, the new Iron Maiden cd is awesome.