Monday, October 4, 2010

The new Skaven zone

Over the weekend, Carrie (Warhammer Online's Producer) went on the Ten Ton hammer Podcast to talk about the upcoming RvR Pack.  During it, she revealed new details about the new Skaven themed area.  For the details of what was discussed, check out Bootae's post.  All done? Good, what did you think?

It seems that the Skaven area is not a true zone, but rather an instanced RvR dungeon.  It will only be available at unknown intervals/conditions.  So it is like a 24 vs 24 scenario, with PvE bosses.  Presumably, this will also contain the mechanism by with the new Skaven classes are obtained.   

My first reaction is a bit of disappointment.  I was really hoping for a permanent zone, not an instance.  Along with the new ORvR system, it seems WAR is becoming more and more "on rails."  While that is nice sometimes,  PvP is well served by some sandbox aspects too.

Even though it is not exactly what I had hoped for, I do think it will be fun.  From bootae's post, it sounds like there will be some interesting mechanics at work.  It should also slow down the campaign for a little bit, since it will be the new place to be.  If there are players to be fought, I'll be happy.

I'm pretty sure one of the bosses will be a Skaven Engineer too.  In 1.3.6 a new entry was added for a Skaven Boss Engineer, which now makes sense.  I'm not sure who it could be, perhaps someone with more lore knowledge does.

Now we know another piece of the puzzle.  There is still a big question to answer.  How will the Skaven classes be obtained?