Friday, October 8, 2010

News from the Front: PTS!

This has been an exciting week for Warhammer Online. Parts of the 1.4 patch (RvR Pack) were brought up on the Public Test Server.  This includes the new Open RvR system, mounts and other improvements.  Be sure to hop on and look around.


  • Sean created threads to discuss the new Healer and Tank armor sets they are working on.
  • Andy talks a little bit about the possible change to Guard.
  • A PTS Event to test the Open RvR mechanics will be held at 3pm EDT today!
  • I did an interview for  It's a very nice aggregation site for all your favorite WAR bloggers.
  • Mykiel put down the camera and picked up a pe... keyboard.  He has some great tips about the new Open RvR system
  • Gaaraawarr posted a pretty comprehensive guide to Skaven and how they may be used in the upcoming RvR Pack.  He was right about some of the bosses so far.
  • Bootae, a Chosen, writes about the proposed change to the Guard mechanic.  This has been a heated issue on the forums and does not really have a simple solution.
  • Mmmmm Gud gives us a guide on how to be some dirty Orc named Gorbad Ironclaw.  It also gives the required items so you can use the appearance system to look like him.
  • Bruglir weighs in on the Guard debate.  I don't really have a strong opinion about this issue.  I like the idea of only shield tanks guarding, but I'd hate to take away a mechanic that people have used for 2 years.
  • Krossus writes about his experience from Wednesday's PTS event.  There really is a lot to take in and digest.  I can't wait for today's test though.
  • Check out this amazing 1.4 trailer from Oberheim on Karak Azgal.
  • A rather strange video of a Chosen from Badlands.  It is sped up and the audio is a bit off too.  Good stuff though, keep it up!
  • Nice video from Da Blak Handz, has a lot of Warhammer flavor.  WAR has such great looking armor.
  • Another great Chosen video from Dallison in 1080p.