Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Werit is a Casualty of WAR

Recently, I have started to look around for a guild to join. When it comes to joining a group I am pretty picky. I consider becoming a member of a guild to be a big decision and responsibility. Guild hopping is not my thing, so I want to make sure it is a good fit for me and the guild.

I used to be a solo player. This is partly due to my personality and partly do to real life. I do not want the game to become more responsibility than fun. Sure responsibility can be fun, but not when it starts pulling at you the same time real life does.

In Warhammer, Guilds are more than just a chat channel and tabard. They have their own levels and rewards, which makes it another facet of the game. The whole Banner and standard system adds another benefit to being in a guild. So I want to check that all out.

First step is figuring out what I want in a guild.

  • Stress-free, Drama-Free.
  • Mature members that understand real life obligations
  • Folks with a sense of humor
  • A guild where the goal is fun play, rather then some end game objective
The last bullet is especially important. In WoW, many guilds are aimed at raiding. There is nothing wrong with that, as raiding is fun, and the only way to reallt go about it is with a guild. However raiding leads to schedules, class/player rules, stress and drama. I'm sure there are exceptions, but probably not many.

I started to see mention of the guild Casualties of WAR (CoW) come up on several blogs. CoW is a guild, started by various WAR blog writers. I thought to myself, "Hey I have a blog, and I like their blogs, maybe I should check it out." So I went read the charter, which pretty much is in line with what I want in a guild. CoW is a Core RvR ruleset, which is what I wanted. Another nice feature of CoW is that we will have both Order and Destruction branches. So whatever mood you are in, you should have folks to play with.

I put in an application, was accepted and here we are. the guild is growing and is not just for bloggers. So check it out. If you are interested in a Open RvR ruleset (non-consensual PvP), check out Keen and Graev's guild.


I find myself hoping that Casualties ends up on the same server I will be on...I already have a guild (it's mostly RL friends, some people from The Game That Shall Not Be Named), but we could try that whole Alliance mechanic out. Be friends. Storm some keeps. Pwn some suckas. Just saying.

That would be nice, even if you were on the opposite side... an opposing viewpoint would be fun.

Have fun with Casualties! I know we're looking forwards to hearing lots of different points of views about stuff you guys get up to :)

wait aminute. You're a dwarf. I'm ahhh..i forget what. I should check my blog @_@

I think we'll be on the same side, yo <3

We're glad to have you, Werit.

I can't believe how quickly it's grown, too. I guess when good people come together, more keep coming.

Very much looking forward to gamin with this lot.

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