Thursday, August 7, 2008

The last peaceful weekend

With the announcement of Collector Edition pre-orders getting into Closed Beta, this could be the last WAR'less weekend for myself and others. Lets take a look at the dates:

  • Aug 9-10: Nothing, maybe closed beta download
  • Aug 16-17: Closed Beta, Open Beta downloads begin
  • Aug 23-24: Preview weekend
  • Aug 30-31: Open Beta
  • Sept 6-7: Open Beta
  • Sept 13-14: Head Start (might start Sunday for CE and Monday for rest)
  • Sept 18: Official launch
I think this looks pretty realistic, don't you?


Sunday 14th is Games Day UK. I think monday for CE headstart and tues for SE is more likely.

They have already started to advertise that the normal pre-order gets a 3-day headstart, which would put it at Monday.

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