Sunday, August 3, 2008

WAR: Marketing Failure?

While reading a thread over on WHA about a video released by gamespot, it occurred to me that the video marketing for WAR is awful. Nearly every 'official' video from Mythic or its blessed reviewers (i.e. Gamespot/IGN) is usually uninspiring and crappy. They actually make things worse for Mythic.

The good video's, like the one here, are taken by fans at public events. I will also say that videos on youtube, which are likely beta leaks, have done far more to get me excited about the game than any Mythic released footage. And of course Mythic and some ardent fans are quick to destroy any such footage. I understand the reasoning behind this, but there is a middle ground.

Mythic needs to actually release decent gameplay footage. I know that they are worried about people making judgements on a game in beta, but this is some of the best advertising you can get. The official gameplay videos being released are not helping. You can only talk/write so much about a game, it needs to be seen.

So Mythic, fire up fraps (or your recorder of choice), get playing on your 1900 x 1200 monitor, and show us what WAR is all about.


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