Thursday, August 21, 2008

How-to get WARdb tooltips

As you can see in this post, you can have your links show a tooltip (from WARdb) if someone puts their mouse over the link. I always found this useful in WoW (WoWhead), so I integrated it into this blog. It is pretty simple to do, all you need is this in your html code:

<script src=''/>

In Blogger, I placed it in my template right after the Body element. As you may notice, the tooltips don't look perfect yet, but so long as they don't change the file name or path you should be good to go once it is fixed.

Once that is in, any links to items in WARdb should show a nice informative tooltip.


So far, my attempts to include this in my own blog on wordpress have been met with subtle but firm resistance. If anyone might know how to cajole wordpress into doing it, I'd be grateful. Possibly they just don't allow you to link custom scripts. Or possibly they hate me. I haven't decided which.

Wizards and Wenches also wrote about this and it's quite cool. I can't believe I didn't know you could do this. Saweeeeet! :)

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