Monday, August 4, 2008

Warhammer Card Game

About a month ago, I said that WAR should have a CCG. Last week brought news of the Standard Edition Pre-Order, which included, a deck of Warhammer cards. Coincidence? I don't think so but Destruction will say, "Werit, there is no way they saw your post, developed the idea, printed the cards and distributed them all within a months time!" Lies and false propaganda, I say.

So what is the story behind these cards?

  • Made by Fantasy Flight Games. Part of the Universal Fighting System (UFS).
  • Not playable online.
  • Not a real CCG deck: "Included in the Warhammer Online special edition is a one-off UFS Warhammer theme deck. This is not a new license. It is a fun promotion for UFS's former parent company, Games Workshop. This cards are not and will not ever be TOURNAMENT LEGAL." - source
So this seems to just be a fun extra they are including, rather than an actual CCG. Maybe they will expand on it in the future? Who knows.

The real disappointment is that they are not taking note from SOE and integrating the CCG with their online game. There is zero chance of me every playing an offline CCG. If it was online, I would likely play and even buy booster packs. Hopefully that is the road they will take.


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