Tuesday, August 5, 2008

WAR: More delays


A quick update:

1) NDA lift is indeed coming very soon but not this week. We've still got a few things to knock off the "Must do before lift" list before I lift the NDA. But it is going to be sooner, rather than later. Still plenty of time to go before launch.

2) Lots of news coming this week (hopefully). It should be tomorrow but when you are part of a big corporation and have lots of partners, sometimes things can take a little longer than you would like. I have no doubt though that the news will be worth the wait.

So, I think the rest of the week is going to be a very good and very interesting one for WAR fans.


- source

Sadly, without an NDA lift or beta access. It will NOT be very good or interesting. It really seems like Mythic is doing their best to hamper any enthusiasm.

News that is neither 'very good' or 'very interesting':

  • Fileplanet getting Open beta Access
  • Road to War
  • Another standard newsletter
  • What else will be in the CE
  • The SE pre-order program
  • Mythic game-pass, ala SOE
All in all, not a big surprise since it is becoming common place for this type of news.


" We've got an important improvement going into the game next week we hope and if it works out the way we hope, I want to make sure that it's talked about by the current beta testers. We hoped it could go in this week but it couldn't so I'm continuing to hold up the NDA lift till its in and a couple of other things are done as well." - Mark

So that means there will likely not be an NDA drop next week. That puts us at the 3rd week of August... a month or less from the supposed release date (which has still yet to be confirmed or denied).

Do any of us have the guts to actually do what Mark suggested in regards to NDA dropping and getting the game?


Aw man I was expecting the NDA to drop like any minute now ...
And I agree that all the news you listed Wouldn't be 'very good' or 'very interesting'.
We'll just have to wait and see ... and wait... grmpf

I feel bad for everyone waiting for this dang thing to drop, however, it's good for me because I now have more time to get organized! :S

More time to prepare the massive deluge of infomation that is NDA drop can hardly be that bad.

I just wish that damned Preorder thing was working.

What is left to prepare for? :) I am ready, bring on the fire hose!

I think EA is starting to hurt themselves, constantly pushing back the NDA drop, people are getting bored with the total lack of information, and will move onto other things sadly. I have been waiting for 2 years to get some good info on the game, sure a little piece here and there, but seriously, they need to get Open Beta started, or they are going to end up with alot of seriously pissed off people when the game gets pushed back again!

People may be losing their enthusiasm over the last couple of weeks, but what you have to understand is that the closure of closed beta pretty much means the game is finished. I've seen dev posts stating that all the real beta testing will be done in closed beta. Open beta is really just for load testing. It sounds very much to me, like we will have a short open beta period. They undoubtedly want to work out all kinks before open beta/NDA drop. Lets not get to hell bent on the NDA. After all, we're not waiting for some lackluster game...

@anon: I understand what closed beta is and means. What I don't understand is the complete lack of any information from Mythic over the past month (or more). All we have been getting from them is: class/city cut, soon, soon, soon, soon ...

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