Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Better Late than Never

I am speaking of my Warhammer Online Beta impressions of course! There are numerous postings for you all to read, so I will keep this one short and somewhat sweet. I have been in the CE beta for about a week now. I went into the game hoping for the following:

  • Fun and varied classes
  • Alternative to the traditional quest grind
  • Meaningful PvP
  • No need to reach end game to feel useful
  • Re-playability
I have NOT been disappointed. WAR succeeds on every point for me. Is the game perfect? No, but nothing is. The points I mentioned above are the core of the game for me, so as long as those hold true I will be happy. The forest is looking great. I am not worried about each individual tree.

More details coming soon! Below is a screenshot of me watching for Greenskin infiltrators in the Tier 1 Dwarf RvR area. Click it for a better view.


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