Friday, August 22, 2008

HowTo: Get Ventrilo to work with WAR on Vista

Today I had issues getting Push To Talk to work with Ventrilo and Vista. When in the game, the keypress I designated would not trigger Ventrilo to talk. After some thinking, I figured out what the issue is.

The WAR client needs to run with Admin privileges, so when Ventrilo does its hooking/keypress message catching thing, it isn't allowed to since it is at a lower privilege level,

The solution: Run the both as Admin, or both as non-Admins.


thanks Werit.. I hope Mythic does something about this before launch. Does WAR come with built in voice chat yet?

I'm not sure why the client must run at admin level... WoW doesn't. As for in-game voice, don't think so.

A lot of end-user code runs at "admin" level in Windows; the reasons for it vary (anything from "they arbitrarily set the flags that way" to "it needs to do stuff in the registry regarding itself"); the reason this comes up a lot (esp in Vista) is that the Vista devs tried to make this stop. Programs shouldn't be running in admin mode (it's too much power for normal use), so Vista tries to make it annoying (to the user) when this happens (with frequent interrupting messages...the ones that tint your screen and steal the focus from whatever you're doing).

The trouble with their idea here is that, when this happens, the end-user (us) doesn't blame the people who wrote the software (who are actually responsible). We blame Windows. So their efforts have failed. Programs are still written to use admin mode (which they really don't need/shouldn't use) and Windows Vista got a bad rap as being more annoying than Win XP.

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