Sunday, August 10, 2008


First, a poem:

Here I sit, brokenhearted
I have gotten into closed beta
But am told I can only play lata

I know, I know, I'm a dwarf and it is early. No Shakespeare here.

So yes, I have gotten into closed beta due to my CE pre-order. That made yesterday pretty exciting. Sadly it only lasted a little bit. The first sign of trouble was the lack of forum information that was supposed to be given. The forums are the only place to get answers to any problems due to the NDA.

Then the long download begins. I check back later and still no forum information. I hope I am all setup right. Fast Forward... I am all ready to go! Hmm, doesn't seem to be any way to play yet. Better check the forums, no info yet.

Then I see Mark made some dev posts and I find these bits of info:

"5) Our beta forums are currently full, we will not be inviting new players into the forums at the present time. We already have 32K people who have access to them and we have no intention of upping that number right now. Given the imminent lifting of the NDA, it isn't worthwhile to take the time, effort, additional staff and cost it will take to handle potentially a 60K+ hit to the forums especially since we just did an upgrade so it could handle 32K. Once the NDA is lifted, the WAR Herald will come online."

Well, that explains the forums.

"3) Our Oceanic servers are not yet live, we hope to have them up at the same time we are putting up the new servers for the newly invited CE customers. Hopefully, both the Oceanic and CE servers will be up by the middle of next week, no promises though."

So we *may* have servers to log into next week. No promises of course. Is that no promises it will be next week or just the middle of next week? By next week, I hope he really means this week (he posted in on Sunday).

That's all well and good, as he did say originally that we would be allowed into closed beta this week. It would be nice if this information was given out with the instructions or even the Herald announcement.

"6) I won't commit to exact dates for the Preview Weekend or any part of the testing schedule as things may change. The PW will come before the Head Start and it is supposed to begin before the wider Open Beta."

This almost confirms my timeline. Although it is starting to seem that closed beta (for CE customers) will only be a week or so.

So yes, I am in beta... sorta.


Thanks for the info, cant find it posted anywhere else on the web...

Yea, I really don't know why Mythic is so stingy with the info.

At least you can download the client, I am still waiting even with my CE pre-order, just hoping.

@twizmo: That is true. Hopefully they will send out more every day. But once you do get it, it will be another wait :(

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