Friday, August 8, 2008

Friday Question: Blogging and Character Name

This one goes out to all you bloggers out there:

Will you play a character with the same name as your blogging handle?


Nope, because it would only partially suit a Witch Hunter and I'm heading for an RP server (it's also one of the reasons I chose arbitrary as a blogging name).

I will probably comment on the name I do pick though!

I dunno. I think about this a lot. I'm gonna say "Maybe?".

Unless somebody grabs it first.

For some reason, I can't picture a Greenskin named "Matt Graham". XD

I will have a character with this name but I don't know if it will be my main. Although it will most assuredly involve the word "boat".

I am leaning towards making a Werit.

@Matt: that would be funny...

@boat: why boat?

Like Arb says, we'll be on a RP server and it wouldn't really fit the race I plan to play on my main. I'm sure I'll squeeze in an alt called Spinks though.

Ardua/Ardy is just a latin "name" from City of heroes.

Doesn't really fit any of the races. Sooooo.... not likely.

Maybe on a silly alt somewhere

If I play a male DoK, maybe. If I play a female, nope. And it is edging a bit towards the female side (if you are to look at a ass all day long...)

Nah, probably not. Rick or Random doesn't really work for that universe. I picked generic stuff for my blog so it doesn't matter if I switch games (which I do a lot).

I'm a fan of Syp's Three Letter Name rule. It used to make a difference when people had to type your whole name to invite you to a group...not so much now that you can invite with a click :) It's still easier to name someone in chat with a short name, though!

Generally, my plan is to log on the first day and reserve as many "Snafzg's", "Arbispinks's", "Werit's", "Keen's" and whatnot, so I can pretend to be a super-cool celebrity. Should be a gas.

Zizlak is the name if i play a Greenskin..

If i play a dwarf this name would not fit, so i will choose a different one.

The only way I'll end up using Kanthalos is if I end up rolling a high elf, but right now I plan on siding with destruction, so that won't really work.

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