Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Vegas... Vegas... Vegas...

So I says to him, I said "Get your own monkey! hehehehehe" - Rusty, Vegas Vacation

WAR introduced a new looting system, dubbed the Vegas Loot system for use in their Public Quests (PQ). For a more detailed explanation of Public Quests, see this. This new looting system has caused a bit of controversy.

When a public quest is completed, everyone who has participated gets a chance to win a loot bag. Who wins the loot bag is determined by an random roll and their contribution to the public quest. The Random roll is roughly 2.5 times greater the the contribution score. So basically, everyone has a shot at winning a loot bag, but those who contributed more have a better chance.

One segment of the WAR population feels that the top contributors should have an even better chance at, if not just guaranteed a loot bag. This is a shortsighted view. It should be noted, that everyone who participates still gets XP and influence points, so it is never a waste of time. The influence rewards are usually very nice.

If the system were changed to only give the rewards (loot bags) to the top contributors, it would kill the whole concept of the PQ. The PQ's reward structure encourages participation at any stage. I know I will often pass by a public quest in the second stage and help out. If I had no chance (or very little) at the good rewards, I may think twice. Fighting along with my fellow random players often gives me a feeling of community and reinforces the fact we are actually all on the same team.

There are bound to be classes that just can't do as well on the contribution scale as others. This system will ensure that the good loot bags get distributed more widely, instead of just to a few choice classes. Remember, we are all on the same team. Everything we do contributed to winning the tier for our side. You may be fighting some Greenskin someday and be quite thankful those other folks fighting by your side got some loot bags.

It all will even out in the end. There have been times I was the #1 contributor and got squat. Another time I was #14, and got the best loot bag. The Random Number generator (RNG) does not have a personal vendetta against you, even if it feels like it does. You'll eventually (most likely) get yours.

The rolling system is just fun too. There is a reason Vegas pulls in billions a year. People do like games of chance. I do not want to see the system changed, stay strong Mythic!


Stay strong, Mythic!! w00t w00t! I don't mind the Vegas system at all. There have been times when I've busted my butt and gotten nothing (other than a copious amount of XP and Influence), but other times when I ran in for the last fight, threw out some heals and cheap damage, and still got the big bag. So...I feel I have no place or reason to complain. =)

The system should be improved. I went in apublic quest that was in the last stage, shot 3 times at the boss and got first place after the roll. I don't think I should have had something out of it. It's good idea, it just needs some tweaking

You won't always win though, more often than not you will get nothing. If someone buys 1000 lottery tickets and loses to a person who bought 1, is it any less fair?

I understand that you will not always win, I just think that the system could be better. But nothing's perfect, so we'll see what they will do.

There's a lot of reasons to keep it the way it is (and to make it the way it is in the first place). Hopefully Mythic will keep it as-is.

I hope they keep it as is also. It may not always feel great when you place 1st and roll a 0001... but it's fair.

Thanks for the linkage!

I agree with you. I played a Chosen during the preview weekend and found it tricky to get near the top in any PQ's especially in early levels. Even with the current system I didn't get any loot bags till I went back to help out some slighly lower level friends.

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