Wednesday, August 1, 2012

It's a Shame

As you have no doubt heard, SWTOR is going free to play this fall.  BioWare is trying to spin this in a positive direction, as is PR's job, but it is anything but for them.  If they were sitting on 1.5 million subscriptions we would not even be having this conversation.  It's not all bad news though.

For the average MMO player, this is actually good news.  It's a free game to play.  Looking at their chart, you will be able to do quite a bit without spending a dime.  Even if it was too expensive to make for a market that changed, it is still a quality game and now it is mostly free.

For players like me, it is very disappointing.  The main reason being that it takes time and resources to convert the game to this new model.  This is time that should be spent on expanding the game systems and other fun things.  I really don't want to see them go down the same path WAR did.  WAR spent so much time backtracking that the game never really advanced beyond fixes/changes.

How will this all play out?  I'm not sure.  F2P has worked for games like LoTRO and STO, so it could very well be a boon to SWTOR.  My plan is to remain a subscriber for the foreseeable future.    I still have a lot to do in the game.

P.S.  What happened to Makeb?  It is not on the 'Coming Soon' list.  Wonder if it is being pushed back due to the F2P launch.