Monday, August 27, 2012

Werit goes GW2ing

So the head start for Guild Wars 2 happened over the weekend.  It seems like it went ok, not as smooth as some other MMO's but also not very badly.  I eventually made my way in and created Werit the Engineer on Jade Quarry.

I actually only managed to make it to level 3  over the weekend.  I just did the first couple Wayfarer Foothill events, nothing too crazy.  The game does not do much to keep me interested when I am sent out into the world with "Go forth and help people, and your legend will grow."

In SWTOR recently, I started out trying to get a Hutt gangster to support the Empire, which I found a little more compelling.  I still have to start my personal story in GW2 though, so that might be interesting.  I chose 'lost a bar fight with a rival'  so I really hope it gets more epic than that :)

Good thing about GW2 is that there is no sub, so I can really take my time.  What I spent most of my gaming time on this weekend was Europa Universalis 3.  I started up as Venice and have been building a Vassal Coalition throughout the Mediterranean.  Seeing those plans through has been greater than my will to play MMOs.  That'll end soon though, as it always does.