Friday, August 17, 2012

ELO is a fickle mistress

So I had gotten myself up to a 1264 rating in League of Legends.   It's not very high, but it qualifies me for a Bronze standing should the season come to an end.  The best players are at 2200+ ELO.  If you finish with a standing, you get a skin reward and some forum graphic.

ELO Decay does not start to happen until 1400+, so I thought to myself, maybe I should just stay where I am.  That would mean not playing the game, which defeats the purpose.   You know where this is going....

Played two games last night, got trounced in both games and my ELO now down below Bronze.   Luckily, Season 2 does not end until October, so there is plenty of time for me to get back up there (or go down even further).

Speaking of ratings, Wrath of Heroes is making some changes to their system.  No real details, but I'm glad to see something being done.  The system was just not sustainable and it rewarded time more than skill.  Hopefully, the new system will do a better job.

And finally, a self-plug:  I will be adding a new game to it next week!  Hint, it's mentioned on this page :)