Thursday, August 16, 2012

Grand Acquisition Impressions

The latest SWTOR live event, The Grand Acquisitions Race, has been going on for a couple of days now.  These impressions are by no means final, since the event is still going on.  So lets get to my likes and dislikes.


  • Story!  Unlike the Rakghoul event, there is a deeper story to go with this event.  That includes cut scenes and voice overs.  
  • That big Chevin hologram is awesome. 
  • There are some new and interesting mechanics.  For instance, yesterday I manned a big blaster cannon.
  • There are actual clues you can discover to help you find the items.  Happening upon a group of smugglers looking at a hologram is one example.  It will narrow it down to an area, but you still have to search.
  • I'm a fan of having different parts of the event unlock daily.  It gives me something to look forward to each day when I log in.

  • The story kind of drops off after the first few missions.  I really expected the daily unlock to bring another piece of it, but so far it has not.
  • I'm glad they gave clues as to where you can find items, I just wish there was more of a reason for them being there.  Why was item X in a random crate rather than somewhere that made sense?
  • The rewards are an odd mix.  You have Bowcasters and Sand People social gear.  What do either have to do with the Chevin?  No clue.
  • There is some unrest with Shady transients which no one (in-game) seems to have mentioned yet.  You'd think they would.

There are at least a couple more days left in the event, so we will see what happens.  Overall, I like it and feel it is an improvement over the Rakghoul event.