Tuesday, August 28, 2012

GW2 Lockboxes

I put some more time into GW2 yesterday, reaching the ripe old level of 7 (and getting my first turret!).  Not much has changed from my impressions yesterday though.  I did however come across an old unwelcome acquaintance:   The Lockbox.

More specifically, The Black Lion Chest.  You get these as random drops seemingly at any level.  What do they contain?  I'm not really sure.  The description says a random tool, buff and a stack of tonics.  It is locked of course, and the only way to open it is to buy a key from the RMT store.

You can get 800 Gems for $10, which makes each Gem around 1.25 cents.  Keys cost 125 Gems, so in real money that is $1.56.  Do I want to spend that much to see what is in the chest?  Is what I find in there even worth that much?

I'm really too new to the game to know what's worth a buck fifty to me.  It better be a long lasting buff, or a large stack of tonics.

There is also the currency exchange, which lets you buy and sell gems for gold.  Right now it is at 27 silver per Gem.  So that key would cost about 33 Gold and 74 Silver.  Are the contents worth that?  The currency rates could be all out of whack since the game is new, so who knows what they will settle at.

Even though I hate the idea of Lockboxes, the mystery of them is inescapable.  At least they don't put all their new and interesting stuff in them like certain games, STO, I'm looking at you.  I put the Lockbox in my bank, maybe for a rainy day if I have some leftover Gems.

Meridith points out, "You can get the keys as reward from doing your personal story quest. Inside includes often more keys, some potions, etc."  So that's great that you can get them in game.

Some Twitter feedback:

Scarybooster @werit actually you can get the keys for lock boxes as a drop. I've gotten 2 keys and 9 lockboxes

Stargrace @Oakstout @Scarybooster @werit I bought 5 keys with gems, got 2 back. Looted only 1 in my 30 levels so far. 10 chests.