Tuesday, August 14, 2012

SWTOR Live Event is a go!

This morning, SWTOR launched its second live event:  The Grand Acquisitions Race.  It is basically a  scavenger hunt (maybe, some strange stuff going on which makes me think there is more to it).  You won;t find any spoilers in this post, just some basic starting info.  The Chevin, who are running the event, can be found on Nar Shadda and that is where it begins.

Head to the Lower Promenade and it is kinda hard to miss.  Believe it or not, I actually did for a few minutes.  Look for the giant hologram!

There will be a clicky at the base of it, then off you go,  You'll get a mail message not long after.  That's where I stopped.  There is a rewards vendor nearby, who has a selection of Bowcasters, a speeder, and some social gear.

Most characters should be able to participate, as it mentioned the items can be found on Nar Shadda and Coruscant (DK for the Imperials I imagine).

Can't wait to get started this afternoon.