Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Event Final Impressions

The Grand Acquisitions Race has come and, well, gone.  It only lasted around a week, which is a common complaint and understandable.  I managed to complete everything without too much effort.  Overall, I would grade the event with a C+.  It was on route to an A, but took a dive at the end.

I really enjoyed how the event started.  We got a nice news broadcast, an awesome hologram of the Chevin telling us what they wanted, and a voice over for our Government contact.  There was more story than the Rakghoul event and I found the tasks less tedious.

One developer, and I cannot find the quote, said there was a twist at the end.  As far as I can tell, there wasn't really.  On the Republic side, the SiS guy said he'd do some investigating and let us know.  Then we got a simple mail mentioning the Gree fleet and that was it.

I really thought we'd get a video of the Gree Fleet and an introduction to the Terror from Beyond Operations to finish up the event.  Instead, we got that weak mail.  It's a shame since it started out so strong.  Could the layoffs have had something to do with the seemingly unfinished ending?

Oh well, now it's back to my level 10 Sniper! :)