Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Cross the Streams

Don't worry, there will not be total protonic reversal in this case.  One of the newer features in my MMO tracking system, Dev Spy, is the listing of live streams for all of the tracked games.  As always, you can choose not to show some games bu going into the Customize menu.

The top 10 streams, taken from both and are shown for each game.  Just click the arrows to go to navigate.  Clicking on the picture will let you watch it without having leaving Dev Spy.  

Live streams that go off the air are automatically removed and replaced with new ones, so you should not have to refresh the page.

Tip for Chrome users:  Go to Customize->Notifications.  Enable desktop notification support, reload the page and you should see a Follow button for each live stream.  Once followed, you'll get a small popup when the user comes online, even if the browser is minimized or you are on another page.  

Dev Spy can be found at: