Monday, August 6, 2012

Motivation Killer

With the recent announcement of more layoffs at BioWare and the impending change to a free to play model, my motivation to play the game has really taken a hit.  It's not the game has changed since before both changes were known, it is just that bad news dampens the spirit.

As I mentioned before, the F2P may not be bad news to some players, but it's not particular good news to me.  It doesn't provide any benefit to me as a subscriber, so it does nothing to lget me excited about logging in.

One thing I have never understood about MMO companies is that when they announce bad news, they don't seem to follow it up with any good news.  I'd like to see:  "We had layoffs.... but here is also a look at something new we are working on!"  This never happened with WAR either.

I'm afraid I know why it doesn't happen.  They don't have any good news to share.  WAR certainly never did.  SWTOR seems to have pushed off Makeb, so I guess they could not give us anything about it.  HK-51 is supposed to be coming out pretty soon, they could have given us a peek at the process to get him.

Instead, they just let the bad news sit in our minds and fester.  There is a new live event in the 1.3 patch, but they still have not turned it on.  That would have gotten peoples mind off of the layoffs.  Ah well, hopefully something will happen to get my excited about logging in again soon.