Monday, August 13, 2012

Wrath of Heroes gets a Podcast

It's about time I say, those slackers.  The folks at Mythic have put together a podcast, using youtube minus the video, to talk about some upcoming happenings with Wrath of Heroes.  I originally heard about it from

Oddly enough, this is Mythicast #2... guess I missed #1.  Also, get the #2 jokes out of your system now, I'll wait.

Overall, I found it to be pretty interesting.  The new legendary hero sounds good, although he would be awesome if he were a Dwarf.  They also talk about other future champions and goings on.  It was a good listen.

Now I am going to be a bit negative.  At the end of the podcast they mention something special happening around Halloween.  Great, seasonal events, who doesn't like them?  It sounded like there would be a new legendary Hero too.  The Red Duke.

The Red Duke has been referenced in the WAR files for a long time, probably part of the never launched Vampire Count expansion that Mark Jacobs mentioned way back when.  Excuse me for being a little bitter that WoH will get The Red Duke and WAR will not.

I could be upset for nothing though.  Maybe now that they are fixing up his model, he can be used in WAR.  I don't care how he's used, just put him in there somewhere.  It would be something new and interesting.